Ep. 61 The Journey From Anxiety to Healing with Dr. Symeon Rodger
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Ep. 61 The Journey From Anxiety to Healing with Dr. Symeon Rodger

The Journey from Anxiety to Healing with Dr. Rodger

In this episode of 'Beauty in the Mess,' Michele welcomes Dr. Rodger, a best-selling author who specializes in personal transformation. Dr. Rodger shares his backstory, revealing a troubled childhood affected by anxiety, and explains how practices like Tai Chi and Qigong helped him overcome his struggles. They delve into the differences between Tai Chi and Qigong, discuss the significance of proper breathing and posture, and touch on techniques for mental and physical healing. The conversation also explores the concepts of willpower, habit formation, and the power of manifesting one's desires. Listeners will gain insights into ancient practices for achieving holistic wellness and integrating mind and body.

Dr. Symeon Rodger's more “sedate” side has expressed itself as a university professor, a married priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church and a best-selling author on the personal transformation methods of ancient traditions. On the more “edgy” side, Symeon is a martial arts expert, a certified emergency management professional, and trained in counter-terrorism by veterans of the US and Israeli special forces. He specializes in everything related to mindset and peak performance, and has taught Mind-Body Integration methods to thousands worldwide over the past 18 years.

02:05 Introduction and Welcome

02:13 Dr. Roger's Backstory: Overcoming Anxiety

05:07 Discovering Tai Chi and Its Impact

09:03 Understanding Tai Chi and Qigong

21:18 The Importance of Proper Breathing

25:00 Healing Practices and Techniques

26:23 Exploring Energy Healing Modalities

27:09 Mind-Body Integration Explained

28:12 The Intelligence of the Heart

31:31 Exercise: Focusing Mental Attention

35:54 Manifesting and Revising the Past

40:05 Achieving Unstoppable Willpower

43:33 The Role of Passion in Hard Work

47:31 Final Thoughts and Resources


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