Ep. 57 Delving Into Menopause: Insights from Marjorie Nass
The Beauty in The MessJune 19, 2024x
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Ep. 57 Delving Into Menopause: Insights from Marjorie Nass

Delving into Menopause: Insights from Expert Marjorie Nass

In this episode of 'The Beauty In the Mess,' Marjorie Nass, an expert in menopause, shares her journey from a corporate environment to a wellness advocate. She discusses how embracing yoga and Ayurveda helped her navigate menopause without symptoms and how she now teaches these and other lifestyle changes to other women. The conversation delves into the common misconceptions about menopause, the importance of lifestyle changes, setting boundaries, and how to maintain motivation for these changes. Nass emphasizes the need for a mindset shift regarding menopause and aging, advocating that suffering through menopause is optional with the right approach and commitment.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:07 Marjorie's Journey to Wellness

01:55 Understanding Menopause Is Not a Disease

05:03 The Importance of Lifestyle Changes

06:53 Prioritizing Sleep and Self-Care

10:18 Empowering Women Through Boundaries

19:49 The Role of a Menopause Coach

21:32 Shifting Beliefs and Taking Control

33:21 Aligning with Nature's Rhythms

39:17 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

Connect with Marjorie Nass:

·        https://www.marjorienass.com/


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