Ep. 56 Getting to the Soul Line with Andrea Tessier
The Beauty in The MessJune 05, 2024x
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Ep. 56 Getting to the Soul Line with Andrea Tessier

In this episode of 'Beauty and the Mess,' Andrea Tessier, a certified master life coach, shares her transformative journey from a rule-following teacher to a fulfilled life coach. Andrea discusses the importance of unlearning societal expectations, addressing self-doubt, setting boundaries, and embracing somatic and nervous system regulation work. She encourages the audience to reframe their approach to self-doubt, emphasizing inner child work, self-compassion, and the significance of soul work for deep, meaningful growth. Andrea also delves into the human experience of unworthiness and self-sabotage, offering insights on how to navigate these challenges with grace and authenticity. For those looking to pursue personal development and empowerment, Andrea offers details on her coaching programs and ways to connect with her.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:09 Andrea's Journey to Becoming a Life Coach

01:44 Realizing and Addressing Dissatisfaction

02:42 The Concept of Unlearning

04:58 The Facade of social media

06:57 Burnout and the Path to Authenticity

12:43 Understanding Self-Sabotage

15:05 The Importance of Compassion

19:38 Setting Boundaries and Soul Work

23:42 The Role of Somatic Work

25:00 Understanding Nervous System Regulation

26:32 Tools for Emotional Regulation

30:27 The Impact of Self-Doubt

33:02 Inner Child and Parts Work

37:56 Creating New Habits

42:37 Support Systems and Community

47:00 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

Connect with Andrea Tessier:

·        https://www.andreatessier.com/


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