Ep. 54 Be Her Now with Sharon Sammut
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Ep. 54 Be Her Now with Sharon Sammut

Ready to be who you were meant to be? Ready to realize those dreams?


For this episode, I am very excited to welcome Sharon Sammut to the show.

Sharon is a multifaceted entrepreneur dedicated to empowering women and individuals. Her journey from directing a construction company in 2006 to pioneering manifestation with a whole health mindset, has led her to found Align Your Future.


Through her online program, EmpowerHer, Sharon guides vibrant women towards embracing abundance with a whole health mindset. As a savvy investor, she witnessed CEOs and aspiring business owners transform, breaking their self-imposed limitations to achieve their dreams. Sharon’s approach emphasizes balance, mindfulness, and holistic wellness, harmoniously aligning joy, health, and self-love for abundant success. She firmly believes there are no limits, only those we impose on ourselves.


With a career marked by dynamic change, unwavering dedication to empowerment, and a commitment to whole health, she continues to inspire and uplift women and individuals from all walks of life.


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