Ep. 50 Exploring All Things Self with Lincoln Stoller
The Beauty in The MessMarch 13, 2024x
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Ep. 50 Exploring All Things Self with Lincoln Stoller

Are you ready to explore all things “Self.” In this episode, Lincoln Stoller and I discuss everything from personality to self-love to becoming enlightened to connecting to your higher self.


Lincoln has a PhD in physics, certifications in hypnotherapy, project management, and clinical psychology. He has 50 years of experience with personal development, a background in brain biofeedback training, artificial intelligence, spiritual learning, shamanic healing, and psychedelics.

He works with clients who reinvent themselves personally, mentally, medically, professionally, and spiritually. His approach spans therapy, counseling, and transpersonal psychology in order to integrate past experiences with future strategies. In his writing, he focuses on states of mind, and our need to develop many personalities, not just one.


Combining wisdom of the body with science of the brain, Lincoln helps people focus, perceive, create, integrate, and understand. These are learned skills with which you create reality. When you realize it’s not enough to believe what you’ve been taught, you can move into a greater chaos of opportunities. Life is like running the rapids: if you don’t want to stagnate, you must move to the center of the stream.


When Lincoln isn’t working with clients, you will find him in British Columbia, Canada, with his family.


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