Ep. 49 Becoming Visible with Darcie Warden
The Beauty in The MessFebruary 29, 2024x
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Ep. 49 Becoming Visible with Darcie Warden

Are you in the midst of a big transition in life or are you wanting to transition in some fashion?

Darcie Warden is a life and wellness coach. She works with people in their mid-life years who are experiencing a life or career transition. She not only helps people navigate transitions, but she also helps them find their purpose and tap into their wisdom so that they can live their authentic life.

She has several certifications including life coach, health and wellness coach, yoga therapist, yoga instructor, and group fitness instructor. I've studied healing trauma and how the nervous system works.

Her message is that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Her path wasn't straight. At times she didn't know where she was headed. But she kept going. You may not know what's next. Life might feel a little scary and uncertain. That's ok. Amazing change is ahead of you. Connect, listen, trust, and take action. She says dream big and go for it. Afterall, Mid-life isn't halfway over; it's just getting started!

When Darcie isn’t coaching you will find her in Bozeman, MT with her two huskies. She is not only a dog mom, but she has a son whom she is very proud of who is spreading his wings in the world.

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