Ep. 48 Think Differently, Live Differently with Jerry Emeka
The Beauty in The MessFebruary 14, 2024x
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Ep. 48 Think Differently, Live Differently with Jerry Emeka

Are you ready to Unleash the power of your burning desires? Break free from your old patterns? Slam the door on self-doubt? Embrace joy and gratitude? If so, you need to tune in and listen to what Jerry Emeka has to say.


Jerry is an imagination coach. He helps people to use their imaginations to uncover their burning desires, release old stories, banish self-doubt and frustration, as well as find everlasting fulfillment.


Jerry’s approach has been influenced by the teachings of Neville Goddard. Jerry believes if you train yourself to think differently, then you will live differently, and you will be open to new possibilities. Jerry focuses on giving practical tools, inspiring insights, along with a fresh perspective on holistic health and personal development. If you are like me, he will definitely make you think of things in a whole new way.

When he is not inspiring and motivating people to live their best life, you can find him on his farm in Hawaii.


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