Ep. 45 Achieving Personal Growth Through Dreamwork with Megan Mary
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Ep. 45 Achieving Personal Growth Through Dreamwork with Megan Mary

Megan Mary is a dreamworker that specializes in the analysis of women's dreams to promote transformative personal growth and enlightenment. She spent her career creating meaningful change through digital publishing and marketing. However, after being diagnosed with three different chronic illnesses, she began reevaluating her life purpose and started to return to the higher guidance that she felt was being offered in her dreams. She now works with women all over the world offering dream interpretation, transformative journeys and enlightened guidance.

Founder of Women's Dream Analysis and the Women's Dream Enlightenment podcast, Megan is an intuitive, introvert, mystic and writer. She holds a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree in English and has studied psychology, theory, astronomy, religion and philosophy at the collegiate level. She is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and currently am part of their Dream Study Group and Foundation Series (2023-2024). She has also been featured as an expert source in Parade Magazine and VeryWell Mind.

She is passionate about helping other women connect with the inner guidance and wisdom in their own dreams in a safe and compassionate space. She believes the symbolic imagery in our dreams is a key, once unlocked we can tap into our own innate transformative power, evolve our consciousness, and ultimately discover our life’s purpose. She also created and hosts a podcast called Women’s Dream Enlightenment, a podcast for women, which features deep discussions, dream interpretation and spiritual stories of awakening.  She lives in Idaho with her rockstar drummer husband and two cats. 


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