Ep. 44 Fruits, Veggies, & A Biophotonic Scanner with Holly Iyer
The Beauty in The MessDecember 13, 2023x
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Ep. 44 Fruits, Veggies, & A Biophotonic Scanner with Holly Iyer

Holly Iyer joins me today to talk about the importance of fruits, veggies, and a Pharmanex Biophotonic scanner. Holly's passion for healthy living goes beyond her own experiences. She aims to increase awareness and interest in Pharmanex’s Biophotonic Scanner, a transformative tool for personalized well-being. It is a cutting-edge device that measures the level of carotenoid antioxidants in your skin, providing valuable insights into your overall health and nutritional status.

She was 50 yrs old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. And after going

through 10 years of chemotherapy, radiation, drugs and being scared every

time she went to have a mammogram, she told herself that this would never happen again. She has changed her diet, added some supplements, and using a Pharmanex Biophotonic scanner to monitor her health.

Holly is a Coach, Speaker, and Avid Tennis Player who embodies resilience and inspiration. As a Breast Cancer Survivor, she has triumphed over adversity and emerged stronger than ever. Through her company, "Holly's Healthy Help," she is dedicated to empowering individuals on their wellness journeys.


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