Ep. 39 Understanding Grief with Emily Thiroux Threatt
The Beauty in The MessOctober 04, 2023x
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Ep. 39 Understanding Grief with Emily Thiroux Threatt

I am happy to welcome Emily Thiroux Threatt to The Beauty In the Mess. Emily’s passion is helping people work through grief. You may never get over it, but you can work through it, and even be happy again.


Having gone through the experience of the deaths of so many loved ones, Emily has learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy.


She has kept journals and written to express herself most of her life which led her to a career of teaching writing and writing books. She naturally turned to writing to help deal with her grief, then she discovered she could use writing to help others deal with grief, too.


To share her message, she hosts the Grief and Happiness podcast, she wrote the books The Grief and Happiness Handbook and Loving and Living Your Way Though Grief. She facilitates weekly meetings of the Grief and Happiness Alliance, she founded the Grief and Happiness nonprofit foundation, and she publishes a weekly newsletter and blog. She also created The Grief and Happiness Cards: Gentle Support for Dealing with Grief and Finding Happiness.


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