Ep. 38 Exploring Gambling Addiction & Recovery with Bobbie Malatesta
The Beauty in The MessSeptember 20, 2023x
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Ep. 38 Exploring Gambling Addiction & Recovery with Bobbie Malatesta

I am excited to welcome Bobbie Malatesta to The Beauty In the Mess. Bobbie is on a mission to change the way people do social gambling addiction recovery. Bobbie talks about overcoming adversity, alcoholism, loss, and gambling addiction recovery.


Her vision is to create a chain of Recovery Playgrounds. They will provide entertainment, amusement park styles where there is no gambling, drinking, drugs, or children allowed. She wants to encourage adults to play again and help remove the stigma around addiction. She also strives to bring awareness to how few gambling addiction recovery centers there are around the US, how needed they are, and how they should be free to the gambling addicts.


Bobbie was an active gambling addict for over 30 years and has been in recovery over 7 years now. She is a podcaster and a best selling author. Her podcasts are the 3-21 No Kidding Gambling Addiction Podcast and The Recovering Entrepreneur Podcast. Her book that she co-authored is called Belonging. She most recently earned her certificate in NonProfit Management/ Social Entrepreneur. Her formal education earned her a degree in Business & Technology Management. Bobbie currently resides in Naugatuck CT, when she is not working remotely from around the world.


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