Ep. 37 Achieving Fitzness with Fitz Koehler
The Beauty in The MessAugust 30, 2023x
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Ep. 37 Achieving Fitzness with Fitz Koehler

I am excited to welcome Fitz Koehler to The Beauty In the Mess. Fitz is on a mission to help people become fit before they hear a horrible diagnosis or something bad happens. She speaks about the 4 pillars of fitness, proficiency, strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance that people need to become truly fit as well as many other topics. As Fitz says, if you can’t do five pushups, but you can run a marathon, that doesn’t mean you are fit. Fitness not only affects your body, but your brain as well so it is extremely important. Join us as we talk about all things fitness.


In her own words, Fitz is noisy, bossy, and compelling. In 2019, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her healthy and athletic body was brutalized by 15 months of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries. Instead of slowing down, she turned up the volume on her career. As a cancer crusher, she written books called my Noisy Cancer Comeback, Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong, and a Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal. Fitz is a busy keynote speaker, a professional race announcer, and, of course, a prominent fitness expert. Her company, Fitzness International, that she created from her passion to help others become fit, has a global reach, and she’s conquered every avenue of mass media to help people live better and longer.


She has a master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences and decades of experience teaching fitness worldwide. She also has a popular podcast called the Fitzness Show, among many other things. In her free time, Fitz enjoys water sports, strength training, obstacle course races, animals, hugs, sarcasm, getting muddy in her Jeep Wrangler, and traveling. She lives in Gainesville, Florida.


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