Ep. 34 Overcoming Adversity with Tyerra Drake
The Beauty in The MessJuly 19, 2023x
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Ep. 34 Overcoming Adversity with Tyerra Drake

In this episode Tyerra Drake is sharing her knowledge and wisdom concerning overcoming adversity. Tyerra shares some of her childhood struggles. She grew up in a small town and along with some family struggles, she lost her confidence and then her voice. She has learned many things along the way such as creating boundaries.

Join me for Episode 34 of The Beauty in the Mess called, Overcoming Adversity with Tyerra Drake. Tyerra is on a mission. She has used her struggles and her experiences, grew from them, and now uses the voice God gave her start her own podcast to specifically empower other women. Her podcast has been in production for 3+ years now, and she is expanding to do in person events as well.


Connect with Tyerra Drake:

·       Website: https://www.girlsonanotherlevel.com

·       Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tyerra.Drake



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